Our Manifesto

We want to create a moment, not a piece of clothing

To help you reconnect with yourself, your superpower, and the women in your life.
So we took pyjamas - the least thought about item in your wardrobe - and turned them into a statement piece.

Favette’s ultra-lux, handmade, silky sets make you feel like a boss during downtime, and playful when you’re out and about.

As a brand, we celebrate women, empowerment and individuality - which in turn means we’re committed to an ethical, thoughtful means of production.
We are also proud to share the passion and soul of Italy’s remarkable craftsmanship, from design to production. Every piece is handmade by a talented collective of women tailors in our Rome workshop.

We sew with Tencel, a lustrous low-impact fabric made from sustainably-sourced raw wood.

With a softness similar to silk, Tencel is breathable, hypoallergenic, smooth to the touch and feels great on your skin. It’s a fabric that truly caresses the senses.
Our ready-to-wear, statement pyjamas are here for you - your sister, your daughter, your friends - Favette’s community of women who aren’t afraid to be individual, strong, playful and kind.