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The Girl Boss Pyjama

Our signature Girl Boss Pyjama is a double-breasted re-interpretation of classic pyjamas to remind you that you can lead your way at night, as during the day. We tailor our pyjamas in Italy in our exclusive prints using luxurious and confortable Tencel.

Our Pyjama Collections

Our Shorts

Slow fashion, you’ll love forever.

We chose Tencel, a lustrous low-impact certified fabric made from sustainably-sourced wood, then design and make everything by hand in Italy.

Creating a moment, not a piece of clothing

Our Pyjamas Names

Fragile like a BOMB!
Fragile like..a Bomb! All that power inside - we can’t wait to see what you do with it
In me I trust
Self-love and self-confidence are your hidden superpowers - don’t forget it

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