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  • "So cool and confortable. Love the fabric and the product in general"

    Marion L.

  • "Favette has become a favorite in my loungewear collection thanks to its unique stylish design, high quality material and versatility. The set transitions seamlessly from bedtime to lounging, making it a practical additional to any wardrobe"

    Svetlana V.

  • "This was my second purchase at Favette: and it won’t be the last one as my presents had never inspired so warm reactions before. I created joy and satisfaction for someone i love and had the pleasure of dealing with someone who ranks clients’ satisfaction as its number one priority: not so common in todays’ world. Please keep doing that, Favette"

    Enrico C.

  • "Amazing - My favorite! Incredible pajamas, perfect fit, great design and beautiful fabric. Have wore them nonstop for the past 2.5 years and they still feel and look great. A must buy and definitely recommend!!"

    Mariel Creo

Discover Your Perfect Silk Pajama Set in Our Store

Each Favette set is designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, blending classic aesthetics with contemporary comfort and where every piece promises an unmatched level of luxury. Venture further into our collection to find the pure indulgence of silk lace camisole pajama sets, where each detail is a testament to the craftsmanship and quality that define our range. Whether you prefer the minimalist elegance of a pure silk pajama set or the comprehensive allure of a silk pajama suit, Favette selection offers the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sophistication. Embrace the luxury of silk pajama bottoms and silk pajama pants that redefine sleepwear, inviting you to experience nights of serene relaxation and mornings of graceful leisure. Discover your perfect silk pajama set with us, and transform your sleep into a nightly retreat of silk-enveloped dreams.

Elevate Your Nights with Favette Luxury Silk Sleepwear

Favette's luxury silk sleepwear collection is curated to enhance your night time routine, turning every night into a luxurious escapade from the world and from stress. Immerse yourself in the sheer indulgence of our luxury silk sleepwear, a collection designed not just for sleep but for an elevated nighttime experience: each piece, from the sumptuous silk gown sleepwear to the sleek silk pajama shorts, is a masterpiece of comfort and elegance, embodying a harmonious blend of style and relaxation tha only Favette can provide. The natural properties of silk, including its breathability and hypoallergenic qualities, make our sleepwear ideal for those seeking a restorative night's sleep in the lap of luxury: our diverse range caters to all preferences, featuring everything from silk camisole sleepwear to women's silk pajamas, ensuring that every night is an opportunity to pamper yourself and drift into dreams wrapped in the softness of silk. Elevate your nights with Favette exclusive silk sleepwear, and transform your sleep into a luxurious escape from the everyday.

Why Choose Favette Silk Sleepwear?

From silk pajama pants to elegant silk dress sleepwear, the unmatched quality and style of Favette collection means choosing unparalleled luxury, comfort, and style. Our collection is crafted from the highest quality silk, known for its softness, breathability, and natural temperature-regulating properties, ensuring a perfect night's sleep in every season: beyond the exceptional material, our sleepwear stands out for its exquisite design. From elegant silk pajama pants to sophisticated silk camisole pajama sets, each piece reflects meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of our clientele's desire for sleepwear that combines fashion with function. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices means that when you choose our silk sleepwear, you're not only investing in your comfort and style but also in the well-being of the environment and the artisans who craft each piece. Let our silk sleepwear be your nightly retreat to peace, making every evening an occasion and every night a serene indulgence.


What sets your silk pajamas apart from others?

Our silk pajamas for women are made from 100% high-grade silk, offering unmatched softness and luxury.

How do I care for my silk sleepwear usage?

Gentle hand wash or dry clean is recommended to maintain the exquisite quality of your silk sleepwear set.

Do Favette offer different sizes?

Yes, our women's silk pajamas come in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

Can I find a silk pajama suit for special occasions in Favette store?

Absolutely. Our silk pajama suit collection includes elegant options ideal for special nights.