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Discover the new femininity with Favette's dress collection

Welcome to Favette, where the essence of new femininity is captured through our meticulously tailored dresses. From the soft whispers of our silk dresses, our collection is a homage to timeless elegance and the ever-evolving woman: delve into a world where fashion transcends time, where each piece - be it, for example, a mini dress- is designed not just for the moment but for eternity of your daily habits and comfort. Our garments are a canvas of retro charm and modern sophistication, each thread woven with the story of feminine empowerment and grace. At Favette, we believe in the power of personal style as a form of expression: non for case our collections, ranging from nightwear like pajama dresses to mini dress sleepwear, are curated to inspire women to embrace their individuality. This is where the vintage look meets new feminility, creating a timeless wardrobe that is as versatile as it is beautiful. Whether you're seeking the effortless chic of a pajama dress and a sophisticated allure.

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  • "So cool and confortable. Love the fabric and the product in general"

    Marion L.

  • "Favette has become a favorite in my loungewear collection thanks to its unique stylish design, high quality material and versatility. The set transitions seamlessly from bedtime to lounging, making it a practical additional to any wardrobe"

    Svetlana V.

  • "This was my second purchase at Favette: and it won’t be the last one as my presents had never inspired so warm reactions before. I created joy and satisfaction for someone i love and had the pleasure of dealing with someone who ranks clients’ satisfaction as its number one priority: not so common in todays’ world. Please keep doing that, Favette"

    Enrico C.

  • "Amazing - My favorite! Incredible pajamas, perfect fit, great design and beautiful fabric. Have wore them nonstop for the past 2.5 years and they still feel and look great. A must buy and definitely recommend!!"

    Mariel Creo