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Dolce vita

Enjoy La Dolce Vita Collection with Favette's Italian style

Immerse yourself in the essence of La Dolce Vita, the "sweet life," with Favette's Luxurious Collection: drawing inspiration from the serene beauty and sophisticated style of Italy, this collection marries the art of luxury with the spirit of women empowerment, encapsulating the elegance of retro vintage style and the finesse of Made in Italy trends. Each piece, from the sumptuously soft silk pajama sets to the impeccably tailored jackets and blazers, is a tribute to the timeless appeal of Italianess, designed to elevate every moment of your day and night. Images of the Vespa or the Cinquecento, which have become iconic symbols of Italian style, of powerful female figures, such as Paolina Bonaparte and Madama Lucrezia, who made the history of ancient Rome but still live in popular culture, of espresso coffee or of"gelato" that convey the strong scent and sweet taste of Italian living, bring back the magic and sophistication of La Dolce Vita to our daily lives. La Dolce Vita collection aims to celebrate beauty, culture, and elegance and wants to be an invitation to slow down, to savor life and be enchanted by breathtaking Roman sunsets and beauty. Dolce Vita Collection is not only luxury sleepwear made in Italy but also the main reference that seamlessly transition from the comfort of your home to the vibrancy of outdoor life. The collection’s Italian pajamas, silk skirts, and long shirts embody the luxurious, laid-back lifestyle of Italy, where beauty, culture and comfort coexist in perfect harmony. From the sun-drenched Amalfi Coast to the bustling streets of Milan, Favette's collection brings the Italian dream to your wardrobe, inviting you to experience a life where every day is embraced with passion, style, and the joy of living. With Favette’s Dolce Vita Collection, melts with contemporary design and sustainability: this collection not only honors the rich tradition of Italian fashion but also looks forward, offering women's sleepwear made in Italy that champions the future of eco-conscious luxury; let your clothing be a celebration of the sweet life, where every piece tells a story of elegance, empowerment, and the enduring charm of Italian luxury.

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  • "So cool and confortable. Love the fabric and the product in general"

    Marion L.

  • "Favette has become a favorite in my loungewear collection thanks to its unique stylish design, high quality material and versatility. The set transitions seamlessly from bedtime to lounging, making it a practical additional to any wardrobe"

    Svetlana V.

  • "This was my second purchase at Favette: and it won’t be the last one as my presents had never inspired so warm reactions before. I created joy and satisfaction for someone i love and had the pleasure of dealing with someone who ranks clients’ satisfaction as its number one priority: not so common in todays’ world. Please keep doing that, Favette"

    Enrico C.

  • "Amazing - My favorite! Incredible pajamas, perfect fit, great design and beautiful fabric. Have wore them nonstop for the past 2.5 years and they still feel and look great. A must buy and definitely recommend!!"

    Mariel Creo