Cleaning and Care

We recommend washing your pyjama set by hand with cold or lukewarm water or with your washing machine with the hand wash option at a maximum temperature of 30° C (86 F). Please use a delicate liquid detergent (ph neutral or specific for silk), no spin and avoid to use the tumble dryer option or the drying machine.

We recommend washing your sleeping mask by hand with cold water only, using a delicate liquid detergent  (ph neutral or specific for silk). Please avoid to wring the mask, rather use a a clean white cloth to soak up excess moisture and then lay the mask flat to dry on an even surface, avoiding sunlight exposure.

Remember that washing your clothes takes a lot of water and energy; always choose to hang your clothes up to dry instead of tumble drying.

Please refer to the care label, where available, for specific wash instructions for your garments.