Powerfully elegant, ironic, sustainable dolce vita. This is Favette, the Italian brand of luxury and sustainable Girls Boss Pyjamas ‘Made in Rome with love’ founded by a strong and ambitious woman on a mission.
By Hélène Battaglia

The founder: Ilaria F.
Ilaria F. was luckily born and raised in Rome, the Italian well-known Eternal City. She has been happily busy for decades as a talented corporate lawyer, first in the USA and then in Italy. In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, she finally turned her teenager dream of becoming a fashion designer into reality. When all was dark and uncertain all over the world, she came up to the brilliant idea of founding Favette, her own brand of fancy, timeless and organic pyjamas ‘Made in Rome with love’.

« Together with my daughter, we had the idea of the name Favette which is clearly related to our last name. We were looking for a short word, easily pronounceable, which could represent a feminine, free and strong squad. »

As the daughter of a very stylish, feminine, feminist and slightly anarchist mum, Ilaria grew up as an independent woman who has always believed in the power of empowerment among women. And now more than ever, she considers herself as a woman on a mission. As a Business Angel. As an Angel Investor. And more recently, as an entrepreneur and founder.

« Since ever, I think that human closeness and the pleasure of helping people are an extraordinary source of happiness. And I’m convinced that beauty generates balance and contributes to wellness. »

Together with the Italian Textile Designer Chiara Leto and her tiny and girly team based in Rome, she is working hard to build the Favette Squad. A community of women free from stereotypes and useless competitions with a focus for environment. Strong and independent women who support themselves and help each other. Women free from conventional aesthetic paradigms who choose their own style. Day and Night.