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Don’t underestimate the role of your pyjama!

Don’t underestimate the role of your pyjama!

There is something inexplicably empowering about wearing a true pyjama set. For the longest time, it’s been easiest to grab an old T-shirt and flannel pants and hop into bed, after a hectic day when you just want to go to sleep ASAP. However, just because this is the easiest option doesn’t mean it’s the best option. You never feel truly amazing donning your old high school tee in bed, but rather, just comfy. And we want to do better than “just comfy.”

“According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research, 30-40 percent of Americans have problems sleeping, so why don’t we invest more in sleepwear? We put in so much effort into getting dressed for daytime to feel our best in social situations, but how come we aren’t dressing for ourselves at night? Perhaps inspired by the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — peppered with its amazing costume design and Mrs. Maisel’s impeccable sleepwear — I recently started switching out my old tees for cute pajama sets. And I can happily say that I’m not turning back! “

Opting for a pajama set has made me feel chic during my “me time” at night while reading a book and sipping wine, and often leaves me feeling on top of the world when I wake up. Making time for myself by choosing a proper pajama set has psychologically shifted my mentality — that my time is worthwhile to be dedicated not only to others, but also to those intimate moments with myself, as a necessary investment in myself.

There’s a sense of togetherness and confidence that is fostered from put-together sleepwear, a form of self-care that comes with making time to place emphasis on yourself. Dr. Beth Ricanti, MD of says, “Feeling good on the inside sometimes comes from looking good on the outside…Behavioral modification is powerful stuff. Good habits beget better habits, and confidence breeds confidence. The same holds true in the bedroom. Wearing something soft and comfortable can also be flattering and sexy.” So this is not to say there is a one-size-fits-all model of sexy sleepwear to improve one’s mood and confidence, but rather taking the time to find sleepwear to make you feel your best self and feel like the rocking lady you are, ready to conquer your beauty sleep after a long day.
And what we can do to help is by providing some of our favorite sleepwear (women-owned!) options to make you feel like you have your shit together and boost your mood at the same time for the best nightly self-care routine.